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Some believe spirituality and religion can be interchangeable in there meaning and technically it’s hard to argue with that statement. However, in America for some time now, religion is generally viewed as some form of Christianity, the mainstream religion here in America; whereas spirituality is generally thought of as an Easter religion or some new age belief system. We will explore the differentials between these two concepts below.

1. Experience vs Belief. Religion usually entails adhering to a certain dogma or belief system. Spirituality places little importance on intellectual beliefs, but is concerned with growing into and experiencing the Divine consciousness.

2. Fear vs Love. Quite often religion takes the approach of fearing God. Religion is often concerned with sin, guilt and a concept of a God who punishes. The spiritual approach to God is through the path of love. This is a love where there is no judgement – only acceptance. Spirituality feels so called sins are really just ignorance based on a false belief of who we are.

3. Where is God? Often religion talks of God as being high in the heavens. At times God can seem far from the reach of aspiring humanity. Spirituality shows us that God is omniscient and omnipresent and can be felt as a living presence in our own heart. The highest spirituality says there is no separation between the Creator and His Creation.
– Outer Worship vs Inner Worship. Religion places more emphasis on outer forms and outer rituals. Spirituality is less concerned with outer rituals. Spirituality says that what is important is a seeker’s inner attitude. Through practising spirituality we seek

4. One True Religion vs Universality. Many followers of religion feel that only their path can lead to salvation. They have tremendous faith in their own religion, but at the same time they feel other religions are wrong. Therefore, they can feel a necessity to convert others to their faith.

“All fanaticism is false, because it is a contradiction of the very nature of God and of Truth. Truth cannot be shut up in a single book, Bible or Veda or Koran, or in a single religion.

Spirituality is for people who can’t handle religion… and vice versa. There is a place for the flowing freedom of spirituality and the disciplined structure of religion. However, spirituality can fall into the danger of becoming sloppy & superficial while religion is infamous for rigidity & restrictiveness. Perhaps the best path between the two is that of Faith/Trust/Fidelity which provides firm stability while being flexible enough to roll with the streams of life.

Religion, per se, is more often than not, some or other philosophy based on the quest of the human mind. In my view, Spirituality is based on a relationship with a God who reveals Himself as love. Not fear-based, but love based.

I’m Not Religious – I’m Spiritual


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